A(nother) poem. This one’s from late last year, and is a lot of the reason my poetry started getting decent. There’s a fun and fairly lengthy story behind it, too, though I’d probably just mention that I wrote it for a jazz literature class. This is also one of the few poems I have that I feel sounds pretty good out loud–I considered recording myself reading it and putting it up here instead, but I think I’d like to make myself write something new in this style with the intent of reading it on here, since I haven’t really written anything like it recently. Little incentives, man.

Anyway! Click here to read it! It is a .doc file, which I realize is a little bit annoying, but the poem has a lot of weird formatting stuff and it’s pretty long, so it’s probably for the best. Worth the trouble, I promise! It’s probably one of the more original poems I’ve written, I think.