June 15, 2009

UPDATE: Fixed the second and third links. Sorry about that! (I am so professional and classy.)

Sometimes I do things or come across stuff that I feel doesn’t constitute a whole blog post. I usually just set them aside. Then I realized, though, that I can take all my pieces of blog cents and make an entire blog dollar out of them! So here’s some random crap! Hurray! (This one is going to be weird.)

The Powerpoint Game! Made over the course of a really pointless “Media Presentations” class in 11th grade, which was basically just a really easy class about powerpoint and typing that I had to take. Yay, public school! It’s an animated (after the first slide) maze! Quite long (about 20 levels) and pretty hard. Naturally you need powerpoint to play it; just open it up in the program and follow the instructions.

This is my cat barking at a squirrel. I don’t really know what else to say. (Besides “Mach, mach.”)

A short essay on “The Little Prince” in French. Money quote: “Le renard est juste. Il faut que nous vivons pour les choses invisibles : les memoires, l’imagination, et le plus importante, l’amitié. ” (“The fox is right. It’s necessary that we live for the invisible things: memories, imagination, and the most important, friendship.”)

Kinda can’t believe I’m posting this, but, uh… my first attempt at comics from a long time ago: “Stick Figure Ninjas.” Pretty bad. Really bad. Seriously, I will give you props if you can tell what order the panels are supposed to go in.