July 6, 2009

Oh, hey! I got to work today and found out that apparently Wifi now makes my computer explode immediately. So, not sure how this week is going to work out as far as regular posts go, since I now only have decent internet at work. I apologize in advance if a couple of nights this week go unposted because I’m still working out the situation, but I promise I’ll doublepost/triplepost after the empty space to make up for it! (The fates, they conspire against my blog!) So, tonight, just a quick poem: this is hopefully going to be part of a chapbook (short, self published book of creative writing, for those of you who understandably don’t know what it is) that I want to write this summer, called “Incommunicado.” Beautiful word, am I right? Anyway, this is a work in progress. I’ll keep you updated on the chapbook front–got some work for it now in a rough state, and hoping to finish it by summer’s end. This one’s unnamed for now–might be the intro poem for the book.


You meet this poem on the side of the road.
You pass it–think it looks at you. Maybe.
It’s lying down. Looks a bit uncomfortable, you think.
You pass by again, later, on a whim–
It’s dead.

You see this poem every day–
On your way to work.
One of these days you will speak to it.

This poem is your brother.

You dream of this poem.
In your subconciousness, it knows you–
Even talks to you–
You grow up together.
As you sit on your roof with it,
Recalling memories of the forest behind your house, together,
The poem gently puts its hand on your knee,
And says it loves you.
As you embrace, you suddenly wake up.

You cry for this poem.
It is the only time you have ever cried in your life.

Do you remember this poem?
I wonder what happened to it…?