Got back at midnight and way too tired to do anything substantial tonight, although I do want to point out this AMAZING movie I saw earlier tonight, which is most of the reason I’m tired: The Room changed my life. Think “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in the sense that there’s a lot of hilarious audience interaction/traditions that goes on during the film. Except this is so much more fun and hilarious; it’s incredible. To give you an idea: in the room that about 75% of the film takes place in (Which is a completely ordinary room with no other plot significance) there’s some pictures in frames on a desk. One of these pictures is of a spoon. That’s it. The tradition is that, whenever that picture appears, you yell “SPOON!” and throw a plastic spoon at the screen. This happens at least 15 times during the movie, and never stops being amazing.

There’s a lot of great little traditions like that, and you catch on to all of them right after they’re done once, so it’s really fun from the very beginning, unlike RHPS which kind of builds up a bit. Other favorites include cheering whenever the camera pans across the golden gate bridge and then going “Aww!” if the camera doesn’t make it all the way across, how every other line of conversation is hilarious (I am not exaggerating here), cheering as the main character buys flowers, and the fact that the movie is directed, produced, written and starred-in by Tommy Wiseau of “Wiseau-Films.” I seriously can’t hype this movie enough; it was incredibly hyped for me and I still couldn’t get a smile off of my face until 20 minutes after the movie ended. Soooo showing this at Brown when I get back, you don’t even know, man.