So, yeah, I’m going to try some graphicnovelesque comic-makin’ in the next few weeks if all goes well with it. I wanted to start a short series this week (Called “Off the Sidewalk”) and put up one page each day, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen. I have a pretty definite idea in my head and the whole thing planned out panel by panel, but sadly I have never really attempted a comic that actually looks somewhat decent. (Lots of stick figures, though, certainly.) I want this one to look somewhat decent, so the going has been slow. Though, actually, slow moreso in drawing characters: I’m having trouble drawing the character that I want to have in this comic, and I’ve been spending a lot of time just sketching ideas and trying to get closer to the idea in my head.

Most of the reason it’s going slow is because I’m a horrible, terrible artist (as you can see above), but I really, really want to make decent looking comics–A., because I really, really enjoy both comic-word-writing and panel planning and creative uses of space, B., because graphic novels are awesome and a major creative inspiration, and C., because I am kind of taking a graphic novel workshop class this coming semester, and the people in it are all awesome so I kind of have to get a head start to keep up with the awesome! (I use “awesome” too much, don’t I? Eh!) This might not resurface for a while, not sure, but I’m definitely doing this this summer. I’ve spent way, way too much of my recent life wishing I could do this, and damn it, it’s time to stop wishing, yeah? (Life is wide, friends, not long!)