Slowetry, Part 1

January 12, 2010

After reading something beautiful the past couple of days, I decided I should try and write some slower poetry, with more focus on each word carrying a lot of meaning. I also wanna be able to use (but not necessarily stop using) words I love to use and use all the time, so none of the following allowed for the following five days of poetic practice: World, Love, Gentle, Dream, Horizon, City, and Wanderlust. (Strange of me, you say? Poetry might be limitless, but it isn’t until you feel around for the glass limits that are already there.) So! Here’s one:

Song of a Wary Monster

None shall look to you for beauty
But there is screeching art
Like churning silk
Curling beneath your wingspan

None shall seek your solace
But the deep gaze
Of your flattened eyes
Only looks to embrace

None shall run to you
And yet you would sprint
Across Earth to no end
If you could not destroy
A thousand by feet
To reach a single friend.

None see your goodness
And yet, if they would listen
They could hear the booming of your heart
They could hear your bellowing,
Knowing it is not crafted from anger
But from weighted, lofted longing