July 10, 2009

Blehh. Sorry, guys, I think my stomach’s is in the middle of a mutiny and I really just don’t feel like cranking out anything creative today. I’ll try’n sneak in an extra update on the weekend to make up for it. In the meantime, some quick suggestions for what to do in the meantime:

Read this graphic novel. I just picked it up earlier today in an AMAZING book store in Decatur called “Little Shop of Stories,” and I pretty much gunned through it in a couple of hours. Not so much a speed read as much of staring at each page longingly for a minute and not stopping until I finished the entire thing. Such beautiful, dreamlike logic! (Also, some of the characters are almost scary in how much I can relate to them.) Way too recommended for it’s own good.

Watch this very pretty, thoughtful 3D animation.

Watch/listen to my favorite (favourite?) band! And be happier as a result, probably. I mean, they just kinda do that to you.

Look at “Pretty Loaded” for ten minutes or so. It’s kind of amazing how entertaining this is, considering the subject matter.