This one’s new, just written (and performed!) today. I still don’t know what to call these things–“these things” being the poems that stem from the style of “Have You Ever Sung The Moon?” Moonpoems? Jazzpoems? I’ll figure it out. For now, here’s another one, still a little rough but I’m happy with it. Sorry for that one stage instruction in italics there; kinda random but I thought it was worth the oddness to keep it in the written version of the piece. This one’s also a lot less sing-songy than “Moon,” though there’s still some rhythm here and there.

Click this link, man. Hear it growl.

For memory’s posterity: Man, when I read this at javamonkey tonight… damn. Scared senseless but I was really, really happy with the response. I mean, I walked up there looking scared out of my wits, told people it was my first open mic ever, and they immediately cheered me on. Such a damn good crowd! Gonna remember that place. Plus, one of my favorite local poets I’ve seen around here was beaming at me during and afterwards my piece. Such a good night!