Meh–I wanted to finish this tonight so I wouldn’t have to upload it unfinished, but I started too late and it’s taking longer than I thought, so shrug! This time we’re taking a stab at making a sort of old-school boss battle thing. So far the main melodies are pretty generic, but I feel like my drumbeats are getting pretty awesome, which is cool. Anyway, this is definitely a work in progress, and I’ll probably be finishing it this week. There’ll be more meat to the parts that are already there, and it’ll have more parts and will loop instead of ending. Good bosstimes.

Usual deal–click to listen, click and then click “download houndbite” to download it as an mp3.

And coincidentally, this is probably my new theme song. Do listen! (Yeah, I have theme songs! Weeiiirrdo! I told you you’d learn more about me on this blog, right? Hahaha.)