Quick Story

July 31, 2009

It was then, just after he fully grasped the situation, that he realized he could not die happy by pointing a gun to his head and smiling. It was a setback, to say the least.

(Yes, it’s entirely fictional. I feel like I need a disclaimer telling people that I’m not talking about them or myself when writing first person fiction–probably just me being self-conscious, though.)


Starting to Remember

April 24, 2009

Hey, people who are searching for “Swiss Chalet” on google! I am really entertained by how this page apparently accounts for, like, 30% of my traffic. Thanks for stopping by, even if only for that image I got from google image search too! (Take a look around, if you want? I’d appreciate the stranger lovin’.)

I wanted to use this blog as a space to share and recount/write down some of my past stories, going with the whole “binary memory” thing from the first post. I’m still not entirely sure how I’d like to structure this, and things will likely be missing, but let’s try, hmm? A couple might be more boring than others, sadly, though I’ll at least try and include some good ones with the ones that aren’t as good. I want to do a lot of these over time, too, besides the damn walk story, haha–it’s a story I tell all the time and/or use in application essays about when I took a walk around Charleston with a homeless man when I was ten or so. I just tell it way too much–gotta start remembering them all. (I’ll put it up here sometime, at least. Just not yet. And/or you can just ask and I’ll probably tell you, anyway. :B) But enough of that. Let’s talk about Switzerland.

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