July 23, 2009


I found this on the side of the road earlier–a cracked, abandoned sideview mirror from a car, if you can’t tell. Not entirely sure why, but I enjoyed the concept a lot. Something about having an object that’s usually stationary and always in one place, suddenly completely out of its element and portable… Oh, crap, I’m starting to sound like a really crappy poseur-philosopher, aren’t I? (Or an MCM major! Haha, sorry, guys.)

More importantly, it was really fun walking down the sidewalk holding out the mirror to my side (like in the picture) and seeing people in real cars react to me! Especially when they looked at me through their mirrors, haha. Considering that I’m slowly collecting a bunch of random vehicle-related junk by chance, (Or maybe Atlanta is sending bad vibes my way for walking so much. Wouldn’t put it past it.) I might try some sort of photothing with them–there’s some good graffiti’d signs around here, too, so that’d be fun to incorporate. The things you notice when you have no car in a driving city, eh?