I really like Worldbuilding! From everyone’s pal, Wikipedia:

“Worldbuilding is the process of constructing an imaginary world, usually associated with a fictional universe.”

I’ve found that I have a lot of ideas for this world I’ve been thinking about, “Switchville”, as seen before here and here. I’ve realized that, after doing these two stories and experimenting a bit otherwise, I kinda want to try outlining at least part of the world, or maybe a broad outline, and seeing how that helps me in writing stories within the world. Plus, it’s just plain more fun, and kinda vindicates all the daydreaming and imagining you did as a kid. So! This one’s gonna be a little weird–I’m basically going to describe the world, as if in endless early exposition in a novel. I’ll probably do this in a few parts over the next week or so–not entirely sure how entertaining this is going to be, yet. If it gets really boring yell at me and I’ll confine it to off-blog writing.


Switchville is like a city that was abandoned as soon as it was built. I say “like” intentionally, because no one in Switchville really knows, and frankly, I doubt anyone gives any sort of a damn about how it first came about. As far back as anyone can remember the city has always just been there–Dark at night, grey and cloudy during the day, with a consistent feeling of near-abandonment at any given point in time. When you come upon another person in this town, it’s always a surprise, almost a shock. Often you’ll share a surprised stare for a moment with the other person, in which time you hurriedly try to figure out what to do about the situation: Quickly but carefully walk away, down some darker alley? Attempt to talk with the fear of an attack looming just overhead? Just stare, stare at the only person you’ve seen in the past month? It is incredibly confusing, to the point that sometimes, just sometimes, you would rather trade confusion for prior loneliness. [This is something I want to expand on a lot in stories about this place–the concept of the barriers of impersonal relationships being broken down, with maybe a few parallels to our own world in that sense, with this world serving as a sort of exaggerated running metaphor.]

For being such a big area, the city itself isn’t very well divided, at least not originally. Keep on Readin’ on? (There’s a lot more~!