June 8, 2009

So! I realized about an hour before midnight tonight that I hadn’t scheduled anything to update with tonight. I didn’t want to pull out more old stuff, so I went over to a wonderful site called oneword.com. The gist is that each day it gives you one word and sixty seconds to write something about that word. After sixty seconds, whatever you wrote is uploaded to a big daily list of stuff various of people wrote about that one word that day. I started doing one of these tonight and realized that it would make a pretty lame and short entry here, so I decided I’d instead take the daily word and do three creative things with it in an hour, instead. The result was a bit of flash fiction, a really short poem, and a vaguely xkcd-esque comic. All three after the jump. The word, by the way, was “Feather.” Keep on Floatin’ on?