Some Quick Stories

August 12, 2009

I don’t really have any long-form stuff I feel like doing tonight, but I didn’t want to do a really short update, either, since this week’s been pretty sparse on writing. So! Here are some various quick things I’ve been thinking about in the past couple of days. On an ironically similar note, I’ve realized I have too many started but unfinished or uncontinued projects on here, so I’m going to try and continue/finish some of those in the next couple of weeks, or at least before the summer ends for me. If there’s any particular ones from the past couple of months you’d like to see continued or finished, lemme know. Don’t forget you can click the Categories at the bottom of the page and look at all those entries–So, all of the music in one section, or all of the writing, or just the poetry, and so on.


“Frankly, Roger, I don’t give any kind of a damn if my brother is alive.”
“Er, uh, Lieutenant Lockjaw, sir…”
“Sure, I presumed him dead all these past years, but I hardly cared. People die all the time in this line of work, he was just another casualty…”
“Sir, I don’t think you realize…”
“Yes, every day’s motto on the field of battle is to forget about death. By the time it matters you aren’t around to care, anyway! Yes, I–God damn it, Roger, what are you going on about?”
“Sir, uh, you’re… you’re smiling.”
[A Pause.]
“…Oh. Well, yes. …Stop grinning like a fool, cadet! Back to your post! Get out of here!”


“I’m sorry, Miss Tarley, but… your son is dead. Murdered.”
[A Thoughtful Pause.]
“But… isn’t that illegal?”


He was shot in the head. On the side. Point blank. But damn, damn if you couldn’t see his dreams fly out of the other side in slow motion. Damn if you didn’t want to reach out to them, salvage them, keep them from coasting through the air, back into the skies they first came from. But you couldn’t–You realize the limited extent of your arm’s reach just as his body hits the ground, one arm crossed over the other. Better men.

Man, what’s up with me and death? I’ve actually had this thing with my fiction being much more depressing and morbid than my actual self. Something about writing, I guess.

A Few Quick Moments

April 28, 2009

Today: mp3 players! Just because there’s been some incidents (?) today.

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