August 26, 2009

So there’s a sort of comic book monster theme with the book festival this year, and I’m one of two interns writing the weekly newsletter. I had the idea to include a little bio for each of the monsters our crack marketing team thought up at the end of each newsletter. This is incredibly fun because we get to get really creative and silly and think up monster noises! So, here’s the most recent bio that I wrote for “Read-an”, a play on “Rodan” of classic horror movie fame. I’m pretty proud of it! (Especially the opening sound effect.)

Length: 18 meters
Wingspan: 25 meters
Number of Newspaper Clippings in Wings: 3000 News Articles, 200 Advice Columns and 5000 Cartoon Strips
Mass: 1,500 Tons
Abilities: Absorbs Daily News and Local Events, Excellent Public Screeching Skills
Favorite Book: Pride and Prejudice (But he likes reading newspapers the most!)
First Appearance: Decatur Book Festival (2009)
Second Favorite Awesome Labor Day Weekend Event: Dragon*Con!

WREEEEEEEAD!!! Look! In the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a superhero! No, wait, it’s… Read-an!! Run for your lives! Save the books! Save the newspapers! Weighing in at 1,500 metric tons and with wings made from abandoned paper mache school projects, printed DBF programs, and back copies of the AJC, Read-an is not only a fright to behold but also provides a rather extensive and enjoyable overview of the day’s noteworthy news. He was hatched from an egg wrapped in a wrinkled copy of the AJC that mysteriously appeared in an Atlanta newspaper stand. The stand’s owner kept the egg warm in a hot dog stand’s heater rack next door until Read-an hatched out of the egg, broke out of the heater’s glass and ungratefully grabbed a bite from a tabloid rag hanging on the stand before taking to the skies to begin his reign of biblioterror!