Fictional Bar Names!

September 1, 2009

I have a lot of fun making up fictional bars, holes-in-the-wall, diners, dives, and so on. Not really sure why! But yeah, maybe a bit random, but here’s some recent favorites. (Worldbuilding? Kinda?)

“Plato’s Cradle” : Popular with beards, the place is just run down enough to be stylish but not enough to be offensive about it, which is makes it less of a dive and more of a coffee shop. Even so, some great minds come here and create some wonderful ideas–even if most of them never get past the “Man! What if we did this?!” stage.

“Little Lisa’s Backway Boulevard for Fellow Cats” : Down McKinley alley in Greentown. A little hard to find, but they have the best sweetwheat biscuits you will ever taste. Cats, enter through the big door. Other cats, there’s a cat door right next to the bigger one. There’s poetry here every other Wednesday–Little Lisa gives every reader a biscuit, which lends itself to a lot of first-timers (with mixed results).

“The Angle” : Maybe a little poseur, but The Angle plays host to some great fiddlers every night of the week. The food’s decent, but if you’re coming to consume, come to drink something from their microbrew. The name comes from how the roof is slanted down towards the stage–which in turn lends itself to a lot of problems when it rains, although once it rained through the roof just in front of the stage and made for a pretty fun night.

“The Treehouse” : Just across the street from Takins High School, the place is famous around town for being a kid-friendly bar. Don’t get it wrong, the bar’s still got atmosphere in spades, and it’s worth a trip even for the adults. The difference being that there’s ten flavors of homebrewed root beer and cream soda on the menu, and the staff isn’t afraid of a couple of fake ID’s. Do the kids sometimes get rowdy or annoy some older customers? Sure, yeah. But it’s worth it when you see a grandpa and his ten-year-old grandson clicking their cherry root beer bottles together.

(You know, maybe this is just my way of being nostalgic about dives and coffee shops from my childhood. Pour one out for Cafe Ishi, man.)