Well, not really. I mean, I haven’t gotten an internet drive-by yet, at least, but the guys across the street have been eyeing me funny, recently.

Right! Hey! This blog has been dead for two weeks. This is more or less because I lived in three or four different places during that period of time and was incredibly busy taking walks, watching movies from the 90’s and hanging out with awesome people. But! I’m back and a bit more stable in my computer use, now, so I’m finally re-kickin’ this thing, starting tonight! Now that’s it’s summer I’ll be updating at midnight (right at 11:59PM) each night, Sunday through Thursday. I think I’m mostly going to stick to that schedule; there might be some random other posts here and there but for the most part I’m setting things up so that the blog updates with whatever new stuff has been written since the last update will be released at midnight on one of those days. This also means that midnight updates can and often will consist of more than one new post (including this midnight update! Yay!), so do look a bit beyond the first post you see to see if there’s even more stuff to read!

Should be a fun season for this thing, in any case. I’ve got a lot of ideas to run through, including me taking a crack at hacking some video games again and trying to make a short radio drama. Plus, I’ll be recounting some adventures from Santa Fe and Atlanta relatively soon, too.