Victory Jingle Thing

December 3, 2009

These are way too much fun to make.

Listen online:

Direct download:

Beautiful Thing of the Day

December 1, 2009

In Manhattan, one of the subway trains emits two distinct pitches, back and forth in a beatless rhythm, whenever the train is in motion. Always the same two. It’s an odd sort of beauty, the kind you can’t un-notice once you do, even though you find yourself hardly minding that fact at all.

Quick Story

November 30, 2009

And so she made the fractures of her heart into dents: Still present, still remembered, but not deep and paining enough to sag her steps. Her feet would rise and fall slowly with the rhythm of her breathing–But yet they rose…!


November 29, 2009

So I did some storytellin’ the other day. Hit up 7:00 minutes in or so, though the rest of the show’s fun too. I really enjoy this weird magical realism/jazz mode I write in sometimes… If you ever wonder how I thought it up, read Coming Through Slaughter. Incredible book that I could rant about for days, it’s basically a half-truth poetic pseudo-biography of a historically mysterious jazz musician who played before jazz was called jazz. But yeah! Here:

Click here, Mr. saxophone player.

(Falls a little short, but eh! Fun to write.)

The Grumplelump

There lives a creature in Karimakoo,
Where the Grinkles eat grapleleaves and honeydew
And the Crickleups frolick all night and all day,
But this poor creature, the Grumplelump, does not get to play,
Instead, he sleeps sadly, all forlorn and upcurled,
For on his back sits the rest of the world.

“Righteous Days”

November 28, 2009

(OR: Fun with attempts at cliche-less dialogue and making up colloquialisms!)

“So I’m on the shop shift the other day, right? Nobody comes in all day, surprise, it’s a wonder that Lee still lets the place stay open. But yeah, so I sit around and let the place sit still with me, read some of the magazines, that sorta stuff–”
“Get the damn story out, Johnny!”
“I’m getting, I’m getting! Right, so, sittin’ there, and about an hour before the place dies the daily death, and good spirit up high, this kid walks in!”
“Kid! It’s crazy! I mean, I get some old creeps every now and then, chah, but a kid! In the shop! I barely knew how to sit! I mean, my mind ain’t quiet around kids in the first place, couldn’t really understand ’em after I stopped bein’ one, chah, but here! The shop ain’t really decent enough to be a playground, catch?”
“Catch, yeah, but what, you chase him out the chimney or somethin’?”
“Nah, nah, I let him wander the place a little first. Didn’t really know how to dig for a split tick, but then I guessed I could just let him go off and see the shop around, chah? So he goes off around the place.”
“And then he…?”
“And then he comes up to the marbletop counter holding an old violin he cropped off one of the shelves and goes, ‘Pretty crap shop y’got here, oldskin.'”
“Crap shop!”
“Crap shop!”
“Kid had some spikes on his back, he did!”
“Crap shop! Spikes! I mean, I ain’t proud of the place, chah, it ain’t even my spot to be proud of, but just callin’ it like that! Kid had spikes to the ears! Little bastard! So I give him a stare for a tick and soon enough ask him why he thought it was a crap shop. He goes, ‘Got nothin’ here that ain’t got a dust coat.’ I tell him that’s the sort of deal that gets hunted for around here. And he runs off his mouth, ‘Ain’t a deal if it’s a deal fer nothin’s worth.'”
“Y’hit him, right?”
“I tried, chah, but the kid dodged, dropped the damn violin to the ground (it didn’t get any more bent up, ‘least that) and ran down for outside’s safety. I fired down after him yelling death and curses like a black siren, already thinkin’ how I could grab his hair and brand his cheek red with my palm, but he hopped one of the broken windows and made off down the horizon like a jackrabbit on ice.”
“So I stayed grounded for a tick or two, real thoughtful in my little world, and soon then went back in to the counter. And would you know it?”
“What’d I know?”
“Kid left a shoe. Ran clean out of it.”
“A shoe! Ha, put it on a shelf and stick a number on it.”
“Think I will, chah. Kid gave me some merchandise for my worries, hah!”
“Hah! Man, Johnny, for a guy with a dead-boring gig…”
“I catch that, man. I catch.”
“Hah… ‘crap shop’. …Hah!”
“‘Crap shop.'”

Starting back up soon!

November 26, 2009

Probably this weekend. Oh snap. Here’s a random poem to tide you over when someone told me to write about anything:

“Anything”, you say! Oh, what poet’s plight is this?
To such an end, there’s none! Like asking a lover
To choose their partner from all the world that they know not!
The mere work makes me grasp around–
A flower! A soul! Some dream, or crooked streetlight,
Some tower that stands to be made symbolic,
Some reason with words to sulk or frolic,
Aie! Give me the curve of the Earth to write upon,
And my words shall not be visible in worldly scope,
Though at least, perhaps, to a kinder, smaller wanderer,
A passerby, who will see such a grandly sighted poem,
etched on a rock by the road, and wonder.

Well then! I guess it’s the end of the summer! Which sadly means that the days of consistent posts are over–for now, at least. Right now the plan is to go into a hiatus for a couple of weeks as I get settled back into college (although I’ll probably still randomly post here and there during the hiatus) and then resume updates in some lesser but still existent fashion. I might gonna go for at least one significant creative project a week and some random little posts here and there otherwise. I’d like to have a schedule again, but no promises yet, just because I don’t know how my time’s going to fall into place this year, yet. (Part of the fun!) But, really, I don’t know where this is going to go from here, and I have a couple of ideas that are a little more drastic. We’ll see.

Wow, though. I’m so happy (and surprised!) I stuck through with this. I’m incredibly happy to look back and say, “Wow, I passed the buck here and there, but I was actually pretty productive creatively this summer.” Plus, I’ve really enjoyed the feedback and seeing people check out the site–it really, really is my main impetus for doing creative stuff, and I’m really happy that people have at most enjoyed it and at the very least have killed time here or just been a pal and read to support me! Thanks to everyone who ever read, and especially to people who commented some and consistently checked up on the place. You’re all awesome, and there’s a pretty decent chance I’m about to see you again for the first time in three months, so expect hugs. Mad hugs.

Stats, because I likes them: Since the beginning of June I’ve been posting five nights a week, which has led to about 1,500 views in the past 13 weeks, and a total of 65 posts (no misses! Woo!), including about 20-25 Writing posts, a three or four songs or little musical experiments, some stories, some explorations, 61 photos in 8 photorolls (I guess they weren’t THAT pseudoweekly), and a hell of a lot of self-deprecation! Good times. (I probably said “Good times” about fifty times, too.)

And, coincidentally, I’m adding a blogroll up top with some friends–lemme know if you want on. They’re all pretty awesome people, so give them a try!

So, how do I close this out for the summer? Well, uh, a little bit over-meta, but I’ve been thinking… what the hell is guerrilla philosophy?

When I thought up five months ago, it was just something that sounded cool, and I liked the word “guerrilla.” I think I’ve come up with a decent definition, though: it’s accepting the new beauty and wisdom you find in your life, regardless of where and when you find it, and never letting go of your sense of wonder. Strange? Sure. A little corny? Probably. Naive? You damn well bet. But damn if it ain’t fun, and always interesting and new.

Guerrilla philosophizing aside: See you guys in a wink! Thanks for reading! Adventure is out there! (And so onwards!)

(Continuing this! A bit of magic realism for you guys, today.)

“Man, Ginnie, yer glasses look ‘specially dumb today! Hwah!”
“My name isn’t Ginnie, Johnking! It’s just Gin!”
“Oh, look, Ginnie’s complainin’. Ain’t that just the latest news from the lil’ bird’s beak?”

Johnking knows that callin’ me that got under my skin, but he always does that anyways. Thinks he can be a jerk just ’cause his voice is deeper, or somethin’. Of course, then Sinda had to chime in:

“Yeah! Yeah, looks like he’s complainin’… a-GIN! Haw! Haw hah!”

For a girl with such pretty freckles, Sinda can really be a leak in the boat sometimes. Thankfully, then Ralphie hopped on down from the treehouse, waving her knapsack around for a moment before settling on the northern direction. She hollered out real high, jumped clean over everyone else, and started walkin’ fast on down in the direction of the Train Trestle. More of a prance, really, now that I think about it–But, uh, anyway, we all kept on after her. Keep on Adventurin’ on?

Fictional Bar Names!

September 1, 2009

I have a lot of fun making up fictional bars, holes-in-the-wall, diners, dives, and so on. Not really sure why! But yeah, maybe a bit random, but here’s some recent favorites. (Worldbuilding? Kinda?)

“Plato’s Cradle” : Popular with beards, the place is just run down enough to be stylish but not enough to be offensive about it, which is makes it less of a dive and more of a coffee shop. Even so, some great minds come here and create some wonderful ideas–even if most of them never get past the “Man! What if we did this?!” stage.

“Little Lisa’s Backway Boulevard for Fellow Cats” : Down McKinley alley in Greentown. A little hard to find, but they have the best sweetwheat biscuits you will ever taste. Cats, enter through the big door. Other cats, there’s a cat door right next to the bigger one. There’s poetry here every other Wednesday–Little Lisa gives every reader a biscuit, which lends itself to a lot of first-timers (with mixed results).

“The Angle” : Maybe a little poseur, but The Angle plays host to some great fiddlers every night of the week. The food’s decent, but if you’re coming to consume, come to drink something from their microbrew. The name comes from how the roof is slanted down towards the stage–which in turn lends itself to a lot of problems when it rains, although once it rained through the roof just in front of the stage and made for a pretty fun night.

“The Treehouse” : Just across the street from Takins High School, the place is famous around town for being a kid-friendly bar. Don’t get it wrong, the bar’s still got atmosphere in spades, and it’s worth a trip even for the adults. The difference being that there’s ten flavors of homebrewed root beer and cream soda on the menu, and the staff isn’t afraid of a couple of fake ID’s. Do the kids sometimes get rowdy or annoy some older customers? Sure, yeah. But it’s worth it when you see a grandpa and his ten-year-old grandson clicking their cherry root beer bottles together.

(You know, maybe this is just my way of being nostalgic about dives and coffee shops from my childhood. Pour one out for Cafe Ishi, man.)