(Not actually NEW! anymore! But still worth a look, right?)

Howdy, internet vagabond! This page is for general comments:

-Stuff you want to say directly to me, or All-Up-Ins-Mah-Face-You-Scruffy-Little-Punk-You.
-Comments for a certain part of the blog, a certain category, or for the blog as a whole.
-Any questions at all.
-If you want to be a guest Guerrilla Philosopher (Which I am very up for, people! I’ll post you guys’ creative projects or thoughts with little to no discretion! As long as you ain’t hatin’ on anyone besides me, of course.)
-If you want to bug me to do/try/finish/continue something.
-If you just want to say hello!
-If you want to debate politics.
-If you have not talked to me in over a year (or what has felt like a year) and want to catch up or just rekindle a friendship.
-If you have a friend crush on me. (There is a good chance I have one on you, too.)
-How offended you are at my drawing capabilities.
-If you like Edward Murrow as much as I do.
-If you want to be a gigantic nerd of some sort.
-If you just want to talk. I’m good at that!

And whatever else! Please speak, friend! It’d be pretty sweet, yeah? You can just directly comment on this page. (Also, a question/confusion I’ve gotten sometimes: You don’t need any sort of wordpress account to say something. Just the Willpower! {lolz~!})

4 Responses to “General Commentary (NEW!)”

  1. gimec said

    Like this!

  2. Mariah said

    Edward Murrow is my hero!

    Also, I miss you. When do you come back to Brown?

    • gimec said

      Agh, Edward Murrow is so good! Also, I miss you too! Quite and rather so, I might add. I’m back in town pretty much at the very last instant before classes start–probably around dinner the night of the 8th. Gonna be an interesting week or so, since the festival weekend is over less than two days before, and I will be completely sleepless during it. (Also will probably be completely sleepless the night I get back too, haha.)

  3. opoetoo said

    You dont know me and I have no heros

    I’ll call you down like a black siren if you ever quit coming up with these fresh ideas!

    Really like what you are doing here.


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