Still thinking…

August 31, 2009

…about walking on sidewalks, actually, after randomly chatting about it with a good pal earlier tonight. Personally, I usually assign a rhythm to it–the crack is a snare beat, the normal blank pavement is a bass beat, and I walk in a certain pace in order to make some kind of beat. This also happens a lot when I’m listening to music with headphones while walking, including how when I jump up on a ledge I try to time it according to a downbeat in the song. Otherwise, I usually just walk in a straight rhythm (almost always, really) and tend to jump from crack to crack a lot.

So! How do you walk? Any strange habits?

Just Thinking…

August 20, 2009

…about, well, walking at night. I mean, I do it a fair amount, at least when I’m not in Atlanta. The place is neither fun nor safe to walk around in at night, sadly. Though I’m not gonna complain about that more–I’ve been thinking more about random interactions between walkers at night. Considering that I have facial hair and do a lot of nightwalking, it happens a lot: I happen upon someone, either walking in front or me or past me, and there’s usually a very awkward mix of exchanged glances, words, and positioning. If they’re scared of me, they walk off to the side, or they awkwardly say hello and make eye contact for an instant and then quickly look away, as if looking at me for more than that would set off some sort of anger trigger. And when I feel worried about them being scared of me (Ain’t I a piece of work?), I try to be friendly, and often worry about overdoing it or creeping them out and then try to get out of the situation so they don’t feel weird anymore. And, best case, we say hello to each other and ask how the other’s night is going. Love it when that happens, man.

Wow! 200 words on interactions between strangers on sidewalks at night. Sorry the past couple of updates have been sorta off; I’ve had an, er, odd few days. Through the next week it’ll get a little bit more exciting, I think.

But! I’m incredibly curious. How do you guys react in this sort of a situation? What thought runs through your head? Do tell, friends.