Santa Fe, Part 2

June 26, 2009

Way, way too many pictures. More soon. Note the sky. (Probably’ll have some stories written down and done justice over the weekend, not sure if I’m going to post them over the weekend or wait till Sunday yet.)

Santa Fe, Part 1

June 22, 2009

Something Green

The place is pretty fascinating, surprising in some ways and exactly what I expected in others. Beautiful, beautiful town. I think I’ll wait until the end of the trip to discuss things a little more holistically, but for now, here’s some pictures and things that I enjoy remembering! Probably much more of this to come later.


-I was walking past a parking garage when a gaggle of ten-year-olds ran down some stairs and into the garage. Overheard: “…But Security’s on to us!”


-Saw some teenage girls paying a beardy guy in his thirties for something in a white envelope. Over a public mailbox. In the middle of downtown. In broad daylight. Hmm.


-A gruff, long haired guy in his forties or so walks up to me out of nowhere outside of an oriental rug shop.
Guy: “Hey, hippie!”
Me, instantly: “Huh?”
Guy: “I need 24 cents for a pint.”
Me: “A what?”
Guy: “A pint!”
Me: “Why not?”
Guy: “HAH! ‘Why not’!”
[I hand him a couple of quarters.]
Guy: “Thanks, guy! Goodwill, man, goodwill!…”
[He wanders off past me without looking back.]


-Holy Spirit Espresso: “Best Coffee in Santa Fe! 7-4 weekdays. 7-2 Saturdays. Sundays, we rest.” Also a fantastic people watching spot. (Pretty good coffee, too.)

(You should click on this one and look at it closer. Bottom of the sign.)


-Finally, an oddly colorful cathedral in the middle of downtown, St. Francis. Very peaceful, as per standard cathedral fare. It’s kind of an odd spot for such a quiet place right next to the bustling downtown area, but it fits, oddly enough.


June 11, 2009

This happened a couple of weeks ago. I meant to post this earlier but forgot to until now–which is funny, really, since I’ve still been thinking about it a bit otherwise. I think this one works best without commentary.

I’m walking down a pretty well populated street at night. Four black kids, maybe around 11 or 12 years old, are walking in my direction on the sidewalk, each holding a box of candy. One girl, three guys. One of the guys, the one in the middle, catches eye contact with me after failing to get another person’s attention. I stop and turn off my mp3 player but leave the headphones in my ears.

The one in the middle, sort of innocent looking: “We’re collecting money for our church. Do you want some candy?”
Another guy, a little bit tougher and older: “Bet those headphones cost thirty dollars.”
The third guy: “Did you get those from the apple store?”
Me: “I… can’t remember where I got these.” (Lying, and somewhat taken aback.)
Second: “I’d just steal them!”
First guy again: “Hey, you shouldn’t… *mumbling, general backtracking*”
Second: “Well, I would!”

I look into the innocent-looking one’s eyes.
Me: “Is this really going to your church? Not other things?”
First: “Y-yeah.”
Me: “Here. I’ll give you my ones.” (I hand him all the ones in my pocket: Four dollars.)
Third: “Hey, give me some too!”
Me: “Do you all go to the same church?”
Third: “Yeah, but, uh, I wanna raise more than him…”
The girl, finally: “Do you want some candy?”
Me: “No, I’m fine, thanks.”

I walk past them, a bit quickly, already wondering. Can’t remember if they said thank you. Ah, well.

May 31, 2009

So, in the summer between 11th and 12th grade I decided I wanted to do stand up comedy. Not entirely sure what I was thinking, though I actually tried out for Brown stand up this past year and got told I should put a little more work into it and I’d have a good shot at it; haven’t tried again yet. I had an opportunity to give it a go at a talent show during a summer camp thing at Duke University (Which is probably worth another post entirely–First time I played “Ten Fingers”/”Never Have I Ever.” Undefeated ever since, haha.) I gave it a try and, by the grace of God, had the foresight to record it for later embarrassment at my wedding. A bit of background: “Giles” is the name of the residence hall we lived in, and Jeff was one of my classmates there. Give it a listen before reading the rest of the post:

Click here. (Yeah, I had a beard then, too!)

Keep on Readin’ on?

May 31, 2009

I’ve shown this to a lot of people already, but just in case you haven’t seen it yet, here is my semi-infamous youtube video. It’s basically a giant video game reference to¬†Earthbound, a beautiful, touching little video game that I have a lot of affection for. (Coincidentally, it’s also the prequel to Mother 3, a name which you’ve probably seen on a shirt of mine before.) Hopefully the video is sillly enough to warrant posting, even if you don’t get the reference. That’s me in the khakis, at age… 16? 17? Something like that. Watch!

May 8, 2009

So, my friend is a security guard at one of Brown’s libraries, and told me about this slightly hilarious phenomenon that’s popped up recently. She’s been asked to put information cards on her desk about the swine flu–one side says “SWINE FLU” and lists some swine flu facts, while the other says “STAY HEALTHY” and gives you some “things you can do every day” health tips.


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A Few Quick Moments

April 28, 2009

Today: mp3 players! Just because there’s been some incidents (?) today.

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Starting to Remember

April 24, 2009

Hey, people who are searching for “Swiss Chalet” on google! I am really entertained by how this page apparently accounts for, like, 30% of my traffic. Thanks for stopping by, even if only for that image I got from google image search too! (Take a look around, if you want? I’d appreciate the stranger lovin’.)

I wanted to use this blog as a space to share and recount/write down some of my past stories, going with the whole “binary memory” thing from the first post. I’m still not entirely sure how I’d like to structure this, and things will likely be missing, but let’s try, hmm? A couple might be more boring than others, sadly, though I’ll at least try and include some good ones with the ones that aren’t as good. I want to do a lot of these over time, too, besides the damn walk story, haha–it’s a story I tell all the time and/or use in application essays about when I took a walk around Charleston with a homeless man when I was ten or so. I just tell it way too much–gotta start remembering them all. (I’ll put it up here sometime, at least. Just not yet. And/or you can just ask and I’ll probably tell you, anyway. :B) But enough of that. Let’s talk about Switzerland.

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April 12, 2009

I’m walking past a guy today on a Thayer sidestreet. He’s wearing some kind of trench coat, and upon further inspection, he’s holding a Dragon Ball Z DVD close to his chest. He looks at me with sudden suspicion, pushes the rather illegal looking DBZ DVD under his jacket, and hastily walks on by.

…Reminds me of middle school!

April 3, 2009

This past Saturday I had to get up for a king house thing at 8 o’clock (Getting up before noon on a saturday morning? What kinda college kid….?) and, in classic Will style, slept through my alarm and woke up thirty minutes before I was supposed to be at the house.

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