June 9, 2009

I do voice acting and sound editing for commercials for a radio station in Providence. Here are some of them! (Kind of funny how many beer commercials I do considering I don’t really drink.)

A laser tag thing! (I edited the whole thing but only voiced the second half. The order specifically asked for a “Bronx Video Game Controller.” What. One of my favorites, voice-wise and horrible-script-wise.)

A Mindless Self Indulgence promotion. Speaking of weird combinations…

A commercial for some surprisingly catchy local Boston guy.

Download all three mp3s! In Soviet Russia mp3s illegally download YOU!

May 31, 2009

So, in the summer between 11th and 12th grade I decided I wanted to do stand up comedy. Not entirely sure what I was thinking, though I actually tried out for Brown stand up this past year and got told I should put a little more work into it and I’d have a good shot at it; haven’t tried again yet. I had an opportunity to give it a go at a talent show during a summer camp thing at Duke University (Which is probably worth another post entirely–First time I played “Ten Fingers”/”Never Have I Ever.” Undefeated ever since, haha.) I gave it a try and, by the grace of God, had the foresight to record it for later embarrassment at my wedding. A bit of background: “Giles” is the name of the residence hall we lived in, and Jeff was one of my classmates there. Give it a listen before reading the rest of the post:

Click here. (Yeah, I had a beard then, too!)

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