“Beautiful Thing of the Day” is something I’ve forgotten about in the past couple of months–the general idea is pretty self-explanatory: posting something beautiful, daily. Sadly, I ended up taking the blog more in the direction of more involved creative projects, which led to the five-days-a-week-around-midnight schedule, which in turn has made me forget a bit more about shorter posts of interest. As I start to get busier again and school kicks back in, I think I’d like to go from five creative things a week to one or two creative projects each week that I can dedicate more time to, and then some other shorter posts randomly throughout the week on random thoughts, notes/links of interest and (naturally!) some guerrilla philosophy. This’ll work better with me being busier and will hopefully let the site be interesting to look at randomly throughout the day. I’ll have to switch formats, though, since this setup is more geared towards big posts–as much as I like the little “:D!” at the top in the box. (Look up! It’s totally there.)

That’ll all happen a bit later, though. For now, I found something to preview Beautiful Thing of the Day, for when it eventually becomes a slightly more daily thing. It is this: “Scenes from Antarctica.” Trust me on this one–give it a try. The seventh picture literally made me gasp at the computer screen. (Hat Tip: Boston.com.)

Just to make this post a little more interesting and somewhat creative: I realized over the weekend that I spend an incredible amount of my time daydreaming, but just recently put that word to the action in my mind. It was a very strange realization to make–I mean, I daydream a lot, I always have, to the point that it’s become so ingrained that I kind of forgot it was different from normal thinking. Keep on Readin’ on?

Finally, some writing! This one is a bit rough, but I like it a lot so far. It’s a strange one for me to start writing on this blog with–the structure of the poem is pretty strange for me, and I tend to not be directly personal in my poetry, though I suppose I’m trying to open up a bit here, anyway! Structurally it’s based on a book (my favorite, actually!), which I’ll put in the comments in case you’d prefer to guess or not know. 



“It is good to renew one’s wonder,” said the philosopher. “Space travel has again made children of us all.”

ROCKET SUMMER is my entire childhood. Keep on readin’ on?

So I am starting a blog/journal!

I don’t have the best track record with these things–I have a couple of blog pages floating around the internet, none of them with more than a half dozen posts. One in particular has about four posts, of which two were failed attempts (each separated by months from the previous post) to restart the blog and get it actually going.  This doesn’t even take into account my attempts to start a privately written journal, which are just way too numerous to for me to try and recount them all.

But then, why am I trying this now?

Keep on readin’ on?