A little chiptune…

December 26, 2009

Just messed around a bit the other day. Nothin’ crazy. Enjoy!

Victory Jingle Thing

December 3, 2009

These are way too much fun to make.

Listen online: http://houndbite.com/?houndbite=20655

Direct download: http://reggie.veggie.googlepages.com/LogicVictoryTheme.mp3

A Sad Little Song…

August 19, 2009

…that I thought of tonight. Simple, but kind of sadly catchy, isn’t it? Apologies for the quality of the singing voice.

Click here to listen.

Meh–I wanted to finish this tonight so I wouldn’t have to upload it unfinished, but I started too late and it’s taking longer than I thought, so shrug! This time we’re taking a stab at making a sort of old-school boss battle thing. So far the main melodies are pretty generic, but I feel like my drumbeats are getting pretty awesome, which is cool. Anyway, this is definitely a work in progress, and I’ll probably be finishing it this week. There’ll be more meat to the parts that are already there, and it’ll have more parts and will loop instead of ending. Good bosstimes.

Usual deal–click to listen, click and then click “download houndbite” to download it as an mp3.

And coincidentally, this is probably my new theme song. Do listen! (Yeah, I have theme songs! Weeiiirrdo! I told you you’d learn more about me on this blog, right? Hahaha.)

A couple bits of music

July 28, 2009

First, I felt like making a victory theme! I think it sounds fairly epic for being eight seconds long, really:

Listen! (Or, to download as an .mp3, click this link and then “Download houndbite” on the page that shows up.)

Second, heard this fantastic Swedish Hip Hop/Swing band on the colbert report earlier tonight and pretty much immediately fell in love with them. This is the kind of music I want to be in a band for–not “hip hop swing” specifically, of course, just the kind of thing that’s fun, compulsively danceable, and unique. Incredible amounts of style and fun hats don’t hurt, either.

While I was in Santa Fe I spent a lot of time at the Santa Fe Complex, a wonderful, wonderful place downtown that throws events involving
(and supports the creation of) creative projects involving the combination of visual art/music/etc. and technology. When I first got there they were just taking down “FrankenCircuit,” which had some really creative uses of technology in installations, like that crazy pink thing in “Santa Fe, Part 1”, lots of cables, television sets, metal structures, and so on. You should really check the place out if you’re ever in town; they’re a fantastic group of people.

Later on in the week I participated in an “UUUUT,” which was an open-to-the-public experimental music thing. Basically, for an hour there was a really sensitive microphone in the middle of the room, and a rule that it couldn’t get too loud, but other than that anyone could hop in with whatever they wanted to use as an instrument. There were computers, drums, trash cans, a guitar, duct tape (yours truly!), a chair, an accordion, and much more. So much fun! The good part is that it’s online right here! Fair warning: it’s an hour long and very, very creepy. But really cool and varied! I played a synthesizer on my phone, my friend’s djembe drum, and the duct tape rip. Some highlights if you want to hear me and my friends playing:

At about 35 minutes in: Me and a random lady do a drum duet for about a minute. She was playing on a trash can. (No street lights around, sadly.)
At 40 minutes 40 seconds: One of the many times I’m on the synthesizer. The ghostly wailing thing is me.
About 35 seconds from the end: Something we coordinated (literally) at the last minute. I’ll leave it as a surprise.

Also, one of my friends is the guitar player (I love the parts where it goes from really creepy and loud to just a pretty-sounding guitar), and both of them traded off the synthesizer and the drum with me here and there.

Pixels In C Major

June 7, 2009

My semi-big creative project this weekend! Same program as last time, and three minutes long, which I’m a little proud of. Also, sorry, fair warning, it’s a little bit loud; the mixing on the program is pretty bad. I’m gonna wait until after you hear it to hate on myself this time! (I’m learning!)

Listen on the Internet!

Download the mp3!

Comments, a picture of the program and me beating myself up after the jump.
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