“Windboat Children”

September 1, 2009

I have a lot of ideas for this. It’s based on me mishearing the title of the song “Rainbow Children”, which has incredibly little to do with this story (although it was a pretty great song, anyway! Very touching.). But yeah! I have a good feeling about this one. Think I’m gonna continue it even after posting some of it here, hopefully. But anyway! Here’s the first part, rough draft.

“So! Where are we adventuring today, guys?”

I always get real scared whenever Ralphie says that. I can’t show it, though, or else everyone else’ll get mad at me or tell me I’m fussin’ and a big wuss and that I don’t deserve my membership in the Best Adventurers in the World Club. I’ve lost the membership a couple’a times, actually, but Ralphie lets me back in when it happens. But yeah! Uh, Ralphie asked us where we were gonna adventure today, and immediately everyone chimed in all at once.

“The Woods up north!”
“Let’s go cross the Long River!”
“No, we should go up Owl Mountain!”
“The Train Trestle! The Train Trestle!”

“Oh!” Ralphie perked her ears up. “The Train Trestle! Yeah, yeah, I’m feeling like something big today, and we haven’t been there in a while, yeah?” She walked to the left of her Leader’s Desk, past some apples Robbie picked earlier today that were sitting on it, and grabbed her mallet.

“Honorable Brothers and Sisters of the Windboat Alliance… It’s time to go explore!”

CRASH! Ralphie hit the Starting Gong real hard, harder than usual. I guessed her heart was in it or somethin’. As soon as the gong rang out everyone rushed down the ladder into their quarters to grab their knapsacks and hats. I went last since I’m so slow, but when I got to the bottom of the ladder and put my feet down square on the second story deck of the big treehouse I looked up the ladder and saw Ralphie starin’ down at me from way up there. She said,

“You aughta jump from the Trestle into the water today, kiddo! It’ll do some good for your braveness!”

Before any words stumbled outta my mouth she was back inside, rummaging around in her desk for something or other. Now, you don’t know Ralphie all that well, yet, but since she’s the leader ‘n all she commands some respect, y’know? And when she suggests something, you usually wanna do it. Not outta fear or anything like that; Ralphie’s an iron sweetheart, but she usually had a dang good reason for sayin’ so. And besides, deep down, you knew she was right. She was real good to us.

But yeah, I ran on into my room to grab my knapsack and my lucky hat. I live on the first deck, since I’m the least bravest one of us, though Sue lives nearby and she’s got enough braveness to account for three whole jumps off the Trestle, or a real trip into the Dark Cave on Owl Mountain. (Though that’s a whole ‘nother story for a whole ‘nother day.) I saw her as I was walking down into my room, she smiled real big like she usually does but we didn’t have time to talk since she and I both had to get ready! I got inside and filled up my knapsack: My lucky magnifying glass went in first,
‘course, followed by a pie of Jackfruit I’d been saving for my next big trip out, and finally some paper and a bark pen to write my memories down. That was one of the things people liked about me, yeah. I always wrote interesting stuff down so that we could remember it later. Ralphie wanted me to make a big record in the storage room so that we could go back and maybe make a map or something. I didn’t care too much; it just made me real happy that someone appreciated it.

“We’re heading out, kids! Get out here!”

I fumbled the bark pen in my hands since I was startled by Johnking’s big boom of a voice from outside. Sue patted me on the shoulder and ran on past, jumping down to the treefloor below. I felt my hat on my head and adjusted it a bit to make sure it wouldn’t fall off, walked over to the edge, and jumped down in the direction of big ol’ Johnking’s yells at me to get on down there, already. I grabbed my hat by the brim on the way down.

(Yeahh, I’m pretty happy about this one.)

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