Rebellious Childhood Story

July 30, 2009

This one’s pretty simple but a lot of fun. I was at a football game at a local college in my hometown, in about fourth grade or so. In the stadium where the team plays there’s a big, steep grassy hill that overlooks either end of the field. All the kids would get pieces of cardboard and slide down the hill on them. Honestly, it was at least half of the reason I wanted to go to games there, haha. Usually most of the kids got their cardboard from snack stands. The stand would sell pizza from pizza boxes, then leave the boxes outside of the back door for the kids to pick up and take over to the hill. Good times.

One time, though, I went down to the snack stand as usual to get one of the pizza boxes to sled on, and discovered that the snack stand was now charging kids for the boxes, fifty cents a pop. I was, frankly, pretty pissed off. I first got angry at the guy working the snack stand, who just kinda shrugged at me and told me to go away.

Furious, and with a spot of courage that has mostly diminished from me at this point in my life, I ran up the stands and into the college president’s box. I then looked around for the president, found him, and proceeded to chew him out: I told him in simpler words that this was ridiculous exploitation, that we were doing the stands a favor anyway by getting rid of their trash for them, that this was a tradition, damn it (kids make new traditions so quickly, you know?), and then I threatened to resell the boxes and undercut the stands in order to run them out of the box business if they didn’t stop selling the boxes. …Such a damn weird kid, yeah?

The president laughed pretty hard, and then apologized for the sales and told me he’d ask the snack stands not to sell the boxes anymore. They stopped at next week’s game. (I’ve talked to him randomly since then, and we still laugh about it–apparently he tells the story at dinner parties and the like, haha.)

Still makes me smile–Man, was I a self-righteous goody two-shoes sometimes, haha. Granted, I still can be, though I’ve lost some of the self-righteousness, at least. Simpler minds, simpler purposes, I suppose–though I’ve probably lost the former and kept the latter somewhere along in the last ten years or so. Also, wait, I still haven’t told the walk story to you guys, have I? Man, that’s pretty weird; that’s usually my go-to self-reflection story, so you’d figure I’d have put it here in the past… five months? Jebus, it’s been that long? Looks like the blog lived this time, haha! Thanks for reading and commenting, guys; it makes me really happy and also prods me to do creative stuff! (‘Parrently!) We’re nearing 2,000 hits; maybe I’ll do something commemorative for that in celebration. (What can I say? I like milestones, haha.)

One Response to “Rebellious Childhood Story”

  1. Stephanie said

    Haven’t heard this story, but somehow I’m not surprised. :P

    …If only we could all be as bold as we were when we were kids.

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