Have you ever sung the moon?

July 23, 2009

A(nother) poem. This one’s from late last year, and is a lot of the reason my poetry started getting decent. There’s a fun and fairly lengthy story behind it, too, though I’d probably just mention that I wrote it for a jazz literature class. This is also one of the few poems I have that I feel sounds pretty good out loud–I considered recording myself reading it and putting it up here instead, but I think I’d like to make myself write something new in this style with the intent of reading it on here, since I haven’t really written anything like it recently. Little incentives, man.

Anyway! Click here to read it! It is a .doc file, which I realize is a little bit annoying, but the poem has a lot of weird formatting stuff and it’s pretty long, so it’s probably for the best. Worth the trouble, I promise! It’s probably one of the more original poems I’ve written, I think.

3 Responses to “Have you ever sung the moon?”

  1. Ellen said

    This is really beautiful Will – it sounds like a song.

  2. […] to call these things–”these things” being the poems that stem from the style of “Have You Ever Sung The Moon?” Moonpoems? Jazzpoems? I’ll figure it out. For now, here’s another one, still a little […]

  3. opoetoo said

    reads like scat.
    i like it.

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