I don’t even know, man.

July 21, 2009


Yeahh… not entirely sure what happened here. Guess this is proof that I really shouldn’t be allowed near duct tape when bored! on the right is a fairly crappy “doodle” in a sense, on your left is my phone case post-duct-tape-ification. I kinda like the case, actually–especially the arrow on the front flap, since you open the flap by following the arrow. I’ve always gotten a lot of enjoyment from things with tiny, simple reasons for existence, ever since I was a kid. Like prisms, for instance.

And that’s about as deep as this post is getting! Now then, so that this post isn’t quite as lame as I think it is, here is a cat playing piano with a concerto orchestra backing him up:

One Response to “I don’t even know, man.”

  1. […] wanted to note that, apparently, I’m on the first page of hits on google when you search for “I don’t even know, man”, “short philosophy poems moon”, “childhood story of man”, and “It is […]

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