A sort of neutral luck (?)

July 13, 2009

You might vaguely remember a guy from one of my Santa Fe entries who, among a lot of other things, told me about his friend who left his necklace outside in the full moon all night to make it a sort of talisman. After I heard about that, I wanted to try something like it, though something a bit more “me” and maybe a tad less cliche. I’m usually not that big on supernatural stuff, but I do believe that a lot of things can change if you’re very conscious of something you want (See: Placebos, that water bottle from Space Jam). So, I thought on it for a while, and eventually got the idea earlier today to use this bracelet I got in a Chicago craft market a while back as an as-of-yet-unnamed charm when I want to make things more eventful, insightful, or just plain strange in general–not so much a lucky charm as much of a luck-polarizing charm, where things go back and forth between extremely lucky and extremely unlucky.

And wouldn’t you know it, it worked! I think. I tried it out today on a trip to Little Five Points in Atlanta. Let’s see… First, I took a bus out of a train station that was supposed to go about three or four blocks north to little five points. I took the wrong bus, and it went down south instead, about eight blocks total, since I was waiting to request a stop when it looked like I was in the right place. Conveniently, the road was a fast food highway exit which pretty much looked the same for miles. I got out after becoming suspicious something was wrong, walked about four blocks south thinking I was going north, and then slowly realized that I was actually southbound. I checked my phone to see when the next bus would be coming through–turns out I had just missed it, and the next one would be along in… about thirty minutes. So, I walked back the twelve or thirteen blocks for a little over thirty minutes, past the train station I was just at, and finally got to little five points… which was only a few blocks from the train station. I mean, I generally don’t complain about walking, so it wasn’t really bad, per se, it was just kind of amazing that I managed to screw up that much. But here’s the fun thing–just after I got off of the bus at the wrong place, I found this:


Which is, for those wondering, one of my favorite quotes ever, from “The Little Prince,” on the sign outside of an abandoned Louisiana fast food joint. I’d call that worth the trip.

Later on, I walked into a random shop after hearing some loud thunder, and suddenly there was a torrential downpour outside. I waited around a bit to see if it’d pass over. It didn’t, and I was really close to the time the bus I wanted to go on was leaving, so I (stupidly!) ran outside, through the rainy road, and got to the bus stop just before the bus was supposed to get there. I huddled underneath a tree for a minute, and then slowly realized (again) that I was on the wrong side of the road and that this bus would be going the wrong way (again) so I ran across the road and through some giant puddles (hey, again!) to get to the other bus stop, where there was no cover anywhere nearby. I waited a minute, completely soaked at this point, and saw some incoming cars spraying waves from puddles onto the sidewalk. I jumped out of the way onto a little concrete square in the middle of the grass next to the sidewalk and waved and winked at the couple in the car who were laughing at me and giving a couple of thumbs up. I got back onto the sidewalk and noticed that there was a necklace on the concrete, right in the middle of where I was standing. I quickly wondered about whether I should take it, decided to, and ran off to a nearby line of shops to duck in somewhere and call a friend to bail me out (thanks again for that, by the way!)

I got into Decatur an hour earlier than I meant to–I wanted to go to the open mic at Javamonkey (Seriously, if you’re ever in town, hit it up. I mean, they played Arcade Fire the entire time I was there once!) It was still raining, and kept on the entire time I was there. This was interesting since the open mic took place outside of Javamonkey. I mean, it was covered, but there was water coming down through parts of the roof, right next to the mic and the PA system, which ended up being covered by a couple of umbrellas the entire time as a result. Made for a pretty cool ambiance, if a little dangerous. (Isn’t poetry already pretty dangerous, anyway?)

Plus, there were some garbage cans the host of the open mic put out to catch some water, and when they filled up, he told people to open a lane towards outside the stage area, because (he points at me) “this guy and me are gonna go empty these.” I mean, sure, this last thing isn’t that interesting, but it’s kind of a capstone testament to the charm actually working. The whole thing probably was coincidental, sure, but it’s a fun thing to wish for, right? At the very least, it’s a little bit uncanny that this all happened directly after I focused on the bracelet. Ain’t it a fun little world we have…?

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