Quick Story

July 31, 2009

It was then, just after he fully grasped the situation, that he realized he could not die happy by pointing a gun to his head and smiling. It was a setback, to say the least.

(Yes, it’s entirely fictional. I feel like I need a disclaimer telling people that I’m not talking about them or myself when writing first person fiction–probably just me being self-conscious, though.)

This one’s pretty simple but a lot of fun. I was at a football game at a local college in my hometown, in about fourth grade or so. In the stadium where the team plays there’s a big, steep grassy hill that overlooks either end of the field. All the kids would get pieces of cardboard and slide down the hill on them. Honestly, it was at least half of the reason I wanted to go to games there, haha. Usually most of the kids got their cardboard from snack stands. The stand would sell pizza from pizza boxes, then leave the boxes outside of the back door for the kids to pick up and take over to the hill. Good times.

One time, though, I went down to the snack stand as usual to get one of the pizza boxes to sled on, and discovered that the snack stand was now charging kids for the boxes, fifty cents a pop. I was, frankly, pretty pissed off. Keep on Readin’ on?

Got back at midnight and way too tired to do anything substantial tonight, although I do want to point out this AMAZING movie I saw earlier tonight, which is most of the reason I’m tired: The Room changed my life. Think “Rocky Horror Picture Show” in the sense that there’s a lot of hilarious audience interaction/traditions that goes on during the film. Except this is so much more fun and hilarious; it’s incredible. To give you an idea: in the room that about 75% of the film takes place in (Which is a completely ordinary room with no other plot significance) there’s some pictures in frames on a desk. One of these pictures is of a spoon. That’s it. The tradition is that, whenever that picture appears, you yell “SPOON!” and throw a plastic spoon at the screen. This happens at least 15 times during the movie, and never stops being amazing.

There’s a lot of great little traditions like that, and you catch on to all of them right after they’re done once, so it’s really fun from the very beginning, unlike RHPS which kind of builds up a bit. Other favorites include cheering whenever the camera pans across the golden gate bridge and then going “Aww!” if the camera doesn’t make it all the way across, how every other line of conversation is hilarious (I am not exaggerating here), cheering as the main character buys flowers, and the fact that the movie is directed, produced, written and starred-in by Tommy Wiseau of “Wiseau-Films.” I seriously can’t hype this movie enough; it was incredibly hyped for me and I still couldn’t get a smile off of my face until 20 minutes after the movie ended. Soooo showing this at Brown when I get back, you don’t even know, man.

A couple bits of music

July 28, 2009

First, I felt like making a victory theme! I think it sounds fairly epic for being eight seconds long, really:

Listen! (Or, to download as an .mp3, click this link and then “Download houndbite” on the page that shows up.)

Second, heard this fantastic Swedish Hip Hop/Swing band on the colbert report earlier tonight and pretty much immediately fell in love with them. This is the kind of music I want to be in a band for–not “hip hop swing” specifically, of course, just the kind of thing that’s fun, compulsively danceable, and unique. Incredible amounts of style and fun hats don’t hurt, either.


So, yeah, I’m going to try some graphicnovelesque comic-makin’ in the next few weeks if all goes well with it. I wanted to start a short series this week (Called “Off the Sidewalk”) and put up one page each day, but it looks like that isn’t going to happen. I have a pretty definite idea in my head and the whole thing planned out panel by panel, but sadly I have never really attempted a comic that actually looks somewhat decent. (Lots of stick figures, though, certainly.) I want this one to look somewhat decent, so the going has been slow. Though, actually, slow moreso in drawing characters: I’m having trouble drawing the character that I want to have in this comic, and I’ve been spending a lot of time just sketching ideas and trying to get closer to the idea in my head.

Most of the reason it’s going slow is because I’m a horrible, terrible artist (as you can see above), but I really, really want to make decent looking comics–A., because I really, really enjoy both comic-word-writing and panel planning and creative uses of space, B., because graphic novels are awesome and a major creative inspiration, and C., because I am kind of taking a graphic novel workshop class this coming semester, and the people in it are all awesome so I kind of have to get a head start to keep up with the awesome! (I use “awesome” too much, don’t I? Eh!) This might not resurface for a while, not sure, but I’m definitely doing this this summer. I’ve spent way, way too much of my recent life wishing I could do this, and damn it, it’s time to stop wishing, yeah? (Life is wide, friends, not long!)

July 23, 2009


I found this on the side of the road earlier–a cracked, abandoned sideview mirror from a car, if you can’t tell. Not entirely sure why, but I enjoyed the concept a lot. Something about having an object that’s usually stationary and always in one place, suddenly completely out of its element and portable… Oh, crap, I’m starting to sound like a really crappy poseur-philosopher, aren’t I? (Or an MCM major! Haha, sorry, guys.)

More importantly, it was really fun walking down the sidewalk holding out the mirror to my side (like in the picture) and seeing people in real cars react to me! Especially when they looked at me through their mirrors, haha. Considering that I’m slowly collecting a bunch of random vehicle-related junk by chance, (Or maybe Atlanta is sending bad vibes my way for walking so much. Wouldn’t put it past it.) I might try some sort of photothing with them–there’s some good graffiti’d signs around here, too, so that’d be fun to incorporate. The things you notice when you have no car in a driving city, eh?

A(nother) poem. This one’s from late last year, and is a lot of the reason my poetry started getting decent. There’s a fun and fairly lengthy story behind it, too, though I’d probably just mention that I wrote it for a jazz literature class. This is also one of the few poems I have that I feel sounds pretty good out loud–I considered recording myself reading it and putting it up here instead, but I think I’d like to make myself write something new in this style with the intent of reading it on here, since I haven’t really written anything like it recently. Little incentives, man.

Anyway! Click here to read it! It is a .doc file, which I realize is a little bit annoying, but the poem has a lot of weird formatting stuff and it’s pretty long, so it’s probably for the best. Worth the trouble, I promise! It’s probably one of the more original poems I’ve written, I think.


Yeahh… not entirely sure what happened here. Guess this is proof that I really shouldn’t be allowed near duct tape when bored! on the right is a fairly crappy “doodle” in a sense, on your left is my phone case post-duct-tape-ification. I kinda like the case, actually–especially the arrow on the front flap, since you open the flap by following the arrow. I’ve always gotten a lot of enjoyment from things with tiny, simple reasons for existence, ever since I was a kid. Like prisms, for instance.

And that’s about as deep as this post is getting! Now then, so that this post isn’t quite as lame as I think it is, here is a cat playing piano with a concerto orchestra backing him up:


July 21, 2009

My internet is being a drama queen and a jerkface, so for the sake of updating on my phone I’m gonna try to make this one short and quality. So… Self-imposed poem challenge!: Ten lines or less, twenty-five words or less, and on the topic of, uh… [quick glance at books in apartment] …”Castle!”

Upon stone.

With further faith
In older sayings,
We build,
As if skies and dreams
Come closer in parallel.

Upon stone.

God Says No

It’s pretty much impossible for me to talk about this book without showing the cover–I mean, look at it. When I first got this book from my boss I think I spent at least fifteen minutes just looking at the cover before I even started to read it: The emotion of everyone pulling on the man on the cross, the backdrop of a nondescript strip mall, tinker bell and a pair of mickey mouse ears pulling him a certain way, the pained expression on the crucified man’s face. It’s like a dream in truest sense. Keep on Readin’ on?