Blogtacular Ineptitude

June 23, 2009

I’m sorry, guys–I am really having trouble finding how much time I want to devote to blog updates while I’m travelling. In retrospect I really should have done more of these updates in advance instead of trying to keep doing them while in Santa Fe. So, sadly, and annoyingly for me, tonight’s gonna be simple, and posts through Thursday probably will be too. But! Thursday onwards will be super cool, long SantaVentures and some pretty big creative projects! I’ve learned my lesson at least, hopefully, so this probably won’t happen again.

That said, lamely enough, here are a couple of guerrilla philisophic websites I reccomend you check out in the meantime. Again, really sorry about this. I am still learning this whole blog thing, I suppose! Thanks so much to you guys who keep reading despite previous and current blogtacular ineptitude. (are either of those words?) I really, really appreciate all you guys! (all twenty of you. ;D) is a site where you simply ask a bunch of people on the internet a question (usually opinionated) and get back lots of answers. Endlessly entertaining.

Arts and letters daily is a gigantic daily compendium of essays, book excerpts, and news reccomended to me by a friend. Endlessly fascinating.

Stumbleupon is going to take over your entire Internet life in the best way possible. Endlessly entertaining AND endlessly interesting.

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