Pixels In C Major

June 7, 2009

My semi-big creative project this weekend! Same program as last time, and three minutes long, which I’m a little proud of. Also, sorry, fair warning, it’s a little bit loud; the mixing on the program is pretty bad. I’m gonna wait until after you hear it to hate on myself this time! (I’m learning!)

Listen on the Internet!

Download the mp3!

Comments, a picture of the program and me beating myself up after the jump.

Pixel Thing.

This was a lot of fun to make–probably took about five or six hours over the past four days or so. I really like the chorus–actually, it’s kind of been stuck in my head the past couple of days, which is an incredibly strange feeling. The solo-ish parts I’m not quite as fond of, though I let them slide through since this is still pretty test-run-ish in my mind. Hatin’: I still have trouble doing anything besides C-major (ie., no sharps and flats, sounds nice but is very generic) runs because I got lazy when I was laying down the basic structure of the song, and the solos and chorus sound really different from each other pitch- and scale-wise because of that. I probably could’ve spent more and better time on the volume mixing, too, and I need to figure out how to get the bass louder, since right now it’s pretty unnoticeable. Also, that one drum/double melody part sounds really cheesy. I’m happy I finally did something more full-length with this thing, though. Next time I’m probably going to go less for a composition-style song and do more of a repetition-based video game-y tune. (And as always, feedback is appreciated and totally awesome.)

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