June 3, 2009

I mess around with a music editor for a certain video game sometimes, and I’m gonna try and actually make a couple of decent songs with it this summer, I think. This is the result of me messing around with the program for the first time in a while–overall it’s pretty bad, though I do like the one triplet run part right before the final chord-ish thing at the end. More and better efforts to come on this front later, I think.

Listen to it on the interwebs!

Download it!

{Sorry this one was a little late; the internet decided to be a prick at the last minute.}

2 Responses to “”

  1. Stephanie said

    :O That’s actually really awesome. (I want to play with this thing. :3 )

  2. DJ said

    That was really awesome. It might need a bit of polishing, but I still liked it a lot. What game is the editor for?

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