May 8, 2009

So, my friend is a security guard at one of Brown’s libraries, and told me about this slightly hilarious phenomenon that’s popped up recently. She’s been asked to put information cards on her desk about the swine flu–one side says “SWINE FLU” and lists some swine flu facts, while the other says “STAY HEALTHY” and gives you some “things you can do every day” health tips.


She puts them out on the desk for people to pick up as they pass into the library, like so:


The interesting part? Apparently people only pick up or look at the card when the “swine flu” side is showing. When the “stay healthy” side is up, they ignore it. On the other side of the desk there’s two more stacks of the same cards, with different sides on top of each pile. I felt them, and yeah, the “swine flu” stack is way more depleted.

I could probably rant about people in general, the media’s hype of “epidemics” and college students, but I think I’ll let this one mostly speak for itself.

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  1. Stephanie said


    …Have you guys had a mass panic there the way we have here? They decided that (for our safety) all classrooms temporarily have anti-bacterial handwipes (the BEST way to fight back a VIRUS), and we can now no longer serve ourselves in the dining hall. Everything that we used to be able to do ourselves – cereal, bagels/toast at the toaster, salad bar, soup, etc. – have been placed in the back and have to be served to us by the dining hall staff. (Who, mind you, wear nothing besides plastic gloves for proctective measures…One cough from the dining hall staff, and we’ve all got the swine flu. :D )

    It’s ridiculous. (Oh, and we’ve had flyers like those around…Everywhere.)

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