A Few Quick Moments

April 28, 2009

Today: mp3 players! Just because there’s been some incidents (?) today.

Knights of Cydonia came up while I was sitting at a computer in the library. At the part where you are pretty much legally required to headbang (see ~4:10 in the linked video) I started rocking out by instinct, prompting the guy across from me to look at me like I’m nuts. Come on, though! I mean, if the song had been playing in the entire library, everybody would have been headbanging!

-I walked into the SciLi listening to something–the go! team, I think–and in a fit of epic decided to run up the stairs. Kinda kept running along with the music and ended up kinda doing a little final jump when I got to the top of the stairs, landing right on the axis of symmetry between two rows of computers. The people at the rows (fully manned, of course) just stared at me for a minute, looked back, and then occasionally looked at me afterwards when I was walking around searching for a computer. (Hey, man, we all got our ways of getting ready to write an essay, right? Mine’s just a little bit more like a bad college movie*.)

Start of a Dream from Chrono Cross started playing just as I was passing underneath the blooming trees on the way into Lincoln Field. It was pretty wonderful.

Sorry for the sorta lame post–sadly the next couple of weeks will be a bit more sparse and/or will involve me bringing up old writing, probably, due to finals and all that. As far as the past couple of weeks go, though, this has been a great test run. Hoping to really get this thing rolling when summer hits, and will definitely be documenting my time interning/exploring this summer more so. Finally, one of my blogs liiiiive!

On a side note: I think I heard someone mention grappling hooks…?


2 Responses to “A Few Quick Moments”

  1. Christina said

    I have done a fair amount of headbanging in libraries. I feel your pain. And by pain, of course, I mean AWESOMENESS.

  2. Nik said

    The trees bloom so wonderfully on campus.

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