April 3, 2009

This past Saturday I had to get up for a king house thing at 8 o’clock (Getting up before noon on a saturday morning? What kinda college kid….?) and, in classic Will style, slept through my alarm and woke up thirty minutes before I was supposed to be at the house.

I rolled out of bed (literally!–on the floor. The mess next to my bed saved me, though!), showered in five minutes flat, and ran like hell down campus, since the house is conveniently on the exact opposite side of the university from my dorm. On the way down I passed Bagel Gourment Ole, realized that they served coffee (!!!), stopped just past it, did a double take, and then ran inside.

The line was short, at least, and after a minute I got to the counter. The guy behind it was smiling about as big as I’d ever seen someone smile on a college campus before noon. Preemptively jittering I asked for an iced coffee.

Politely: “Sure, yes! Milk?”

“Yes, please.”



He strolled over to the iced coffee canister, put some coffee in, added the sugar, added some milk, and looked back after to ask if this was enough. “Yes!!” I was getting a little exasperated, in case you couldn’t tell. He brought over the coffee and put it on the counter. I reached for it… and he took it back.

“Need to shake it up a little bit more…”

He put it back on the table.

“Cash or credit?”

“Credit!” At this point I almost sounded angry. I gave him my card. Wait, no! “Wait, cash!” I handed him a wrinkled five dollar bill. He gave me change and the card. I grabbed it, happy but annoyed that this had taken so long, but before I could walk away, he handed me a giant stack of napkins and smiled at me.

“Here. You’re gonna need this.”

I paused, reflected in an instant, and thanked him as I ran out the door.

People in a restaurants seems to have this strange sort of perceptual wisdom with experience, don’t they? Guy’s probably a fantastic writer.

2 Responses to “”

  1. Nik said

    Most Mexicans are.

  2. Tashaface said

    … The guy at Bagel Gourmet OlĂ©, if this is the same guy you are speaking of, is an amazing man. I am really sad they removed the Mexican Organic Coffee off the list of options, because it was delicious and forced me to hang out over there with him at least once or twice a week :)

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