I always seem to have trouble in airports.

March 30, 2009

At a small food kiosk I grab some of those “Combo” pretzel things and a bottle of water:

Me: “Ah, here…”

Cashier: [Smiling] Hi! Is that all?

Me: “Yeah.” [I smile back and think to myself: Haha, only I would get some gross snack food and a bottle of water together.]

[Still smiling, she rings it up. She looks at the cash register and is for some reason suddenly a little freaked out. She puts the food on the desk.]

Cashier: “Your… your total is $6.66.

Me: “…T-thanks.”


Is… is it the beard? I bet it’s the beard.

One Response to “I always seem to have trouble in airports.”

  1. Josh said

    The owner of the convenience store I used to work at had a fetish for round numbers. He would always set the prices so they’d come out to even dollar amounts after taxes. It just so happened that to get most of our cigarettes to come to $7.00, they needed a list price of $6.66.

    Got a lot of comments about that… particularly since the owner had a reputation of being a living incarnation of evil.

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