Guerrilla Philosophy[?]: An Introduction

March 30, 2009

So I am starting a blog/journal!

I don’t have the best track record with these things–I have a couple of blog pages floating around the internet, none of them with more than a half dozen posts. One in particular has about four posts, of which two were failed attempts (each separated by months from the previous post) to restart the blog and get it actually going.  This doesn’t even take into account my attempts to start a privately written journal, which are just way too numerous to for me to try and recount them all.

But then, why am I trying this now?

Especially in college, when I have enough trouble with time management as it is? What makes me think this one will work out differently? Honestly, I feel like this time I have much more distinct, and much better, purposes that I want this journal to have–especially considering that my previous attempts didn’t have much more purpose in my mind than “Hey, a blog/journal would be cool!” (Or when I was in middle school/early high school: “I wanna be an internet celebrity!!!” [Well, okay, maybe I still kinda want that a little. But point being!]) I feel like there’s many more things I want to do with this medium; personal and otherwise.

For one, and maybe most importantly, my memory has become too binary. I too often have merely just classified my experiences by whether they were “good” or not. Books, movies, concerts, classes, and workshops seem to confine themselves to a scale of simply good or bad in my mind. Hell, I look back on high school and think “first half meh, second half good,” but when I try to conjure up specific experiences, only a few pop up in my mind despite that I know there’s more back there somewhere, and the ones that do usually aren’t terribly vivid. What happens when I go through college, look back, and say  “college was good”? Even scarier, I can imagine myself in fifty years looking back on my life and classifying each decade by vague “goodness.” I really don’t want that.

So, I want to recount my stories and thoughts in detail and with thoughts on them–not every little thing that comes up and not mundane daily life things, but not just sweeping decisions or major events, either. In fact, I mostly want to remember the stuff in between–random happenings, people I meet on airplanes or subways, the man I pass by every day and finally talk to, trips to parks at midnight, those damn smokestacks in the south, and so on. Hence:  journal. And I want to share these with people and hear stories from them–Hence: blog.

The other main purpose is a place for me to write, for the sake of feedback, to share my work with people, to maybe make a name for myself. I’m hoping that doing this will drive me to write more often–I find that, more than any other aspect, I enjoy witnessing people’s reactions to my writing. Seriously, I don’t think anything gets me more than watching someone smile or laugh as they read something I created. Of course the textual nature of this blog might inhibit this a little bit, but hopefully you guys will comment! I would really like that. Even if it’s criticism or if you disagree with something. Actually, please do disagree! You have no idea how much I want to have an intelligent comment-fight with somebody on a blog. (I have very strange goals.)

Finally, though, I want to use this medium to try and understand myself a bit more. I’ve always been a little too self-aware for my own good, but I’m not very good at figuring things out all-things-considered, instead of just figuring things out based only on my present moment and thoughts. I probably won’t bog you guys down with my personal musings (unless you want me to, and even then I’ll try to keep it light), but I’m hoping that keeping this journal up semi-regularly will at least help me map myself out a bit.

I guess that was some kind of blog-thesis? Shrug. I’m probably the only person who would actually explain what I wanted to accomplish with a website in this many words, but I felt it’d be helpful, at least for me. But now we can finally get to the actual blogging (!) which will hopefully be generally much shorter and more interesting and/or funny. Not entirely sure where this is going, but let’s give it a try, shall we?

And who knows? Maybe we’ll learn a little about each other in the process.

3 Responses to “Guerrilla Philosophy[?]: An Introduction”

  1. Nik said

    Will, I completely disagree with the recent changes at Guerrilla Philosophy, and I blame you entirely.

    However, I must commend your shoutout to the southern smokestacks. Nearly 65 degrees below Capella, and only 1 degree away from my heart.

    Also, you should not stop this one. I’ll hound you to update from time to time, too.

  2. Josh said

    The bit about memory is the first thing that’s made me seriously consider starting a journal since… middle school?

  3. Susanne said

    Will: This is great! Please keep writing stuff because I want to read it.

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