At a small food kiosk I grab some of those “Combo” pretzel things and a bottle of water:

Me: “Ah, here…”

Cashier: [Smiling] Hi! Is that all?

Me: “Yeah.” [I smile back and think to myself: Haha, only I would get some gross snack food and a bottle of water together.]

[Still smiling, she rings it up. She looks at the cash register and is for some reason suddenly a little freaked out. She puts the food on the desk.]

Cashier: “Your… your total is $6.66.

Me: “…T-thanks.”


Is… is it the beard? I bet it’s the beard.

So I am starting a blog/journal!

I don’t have the best track record with these things–I have a couple of blog pages floating around the internet, none of them with more than a half dozen posts. One in particular has about four posts, of which two were failed attempts (each separated by months from the previous post) to restart the blog and get it actually going.  This doesn’t even take into account my attempts to start a privately written journal, which are just way too numerous to for me to try and recount them all.

But then, why am I trying this now?

Keep on readin’ on?